Fall 2012 Course Schedule

HIST 4658, Advanced Seminar in History: Belief, MWF 8:30-9:45, Main Campus, F202

The Advanced Seminar in History on Belief explores the many ways that historians and other scholars have studied issues of religion, faith, skepticism, and certainty in history. Like all the ASHes, it stresses research strategies, including but not limited to hypothesis formation, historiographical searches, collection and assembling of evidence, formulation of generalizations, and the assessment of the significance of research.

GEN 1033-003, Honors: Life of the Mind, MWF 11:20-12:35, C135.

Life of the Mind is designed to introduce students to college-level classes and expectations. It is structured around intensive reading and writing assignments that allow students to develop their skills and creativity. Topics may vary from year to year. This seminar is open only to students in the Honors Program.

GEN 2840, Honors Service Learning, meetings as set on Required Activities Form.

This zero-credit course fulfills the service learning requirement for students in the Stockton Honors Program. Students are required to carry out two volunteer projects each semeste, and engage in research and reflection activities set up by the Office of Service Learning. They develop a Service Learning Portfolio over the course of their Stockton education.