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General Philosophical Resources
Peter Suber's Guide to Philosophy on the Internet
Epistime Links
Philosophy Around the Web
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Philosophy At Large
Philosophy in Cyberspace
Philosophy Research Base
RB Jones' Philosophy Page
Contemporary Continental Philosophy
Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology
Bruce Janz's Continental Philosophy Page
Guides for Writing Philosophy
Philosophy News
Philosophy Magazine
The World Congress of Philosophy
Undergraduate Philosophy Journals, Conferences, Essay Contests, and More
Akamac Etext Links
The On Line Books Page
Philosophic Bibliographies
NOEMA Bibliography of Women in Philosophy
ACRL Women's Studies Bibliography
Philosophy Events
Online Information on Publishers in Philosophy
Philosophy Songs
Women in Philosophy Gallery

African American Philosophy

Bruce Janz'sPage for African Philosophy Resources (fantastic selesction of links!)
Writing Black - Literature and History written by and on African Americans
The Survey Graphic Harlem Number
Perspectives in American Literature - The Harlem Renaissance
Resources on the Harlem Renaissance
African Americana - resources from Lousiana State University Library
Black/African Related Resources
Black Resources
Black Quest Power Links
Harlem 1900-1940
Alain Locke Society
International Society for the Study of Africa
African Studies Quarterly
Agenda - Feminist Project in South Africa
The Western Journal of Black Studies

Social and Political Philosophy
Marx and Engels Internet Archive
Theoria -Journal of Social and Political Philosophy based in South Africa
Political Philosophy
Illuminations: Critical Theory Website
Rousseau Association
Thomas Hobbes
Hobbes' Leviathan
Hobbes' Leviathan - Renascence Edition
Rousseau- Lucid Cafe
Rousseau's Social Contract e-text
John Stuart Mill
Biography of Jonathan Kozol
Amazing Grace
Death Penalty Links
Noam Chomsky on the Web

Radical Philosophy
Radical Philosophy Association
Contemporary Philosophy Critical Theory Postmodern Thought
Marx and Engels Internet Archive
Anarchist Archive
Brecht Forum

Realm of Existentialism
CS Wyatt's Existentialism Page
International Kierkegaard Information
Journal of Nietzsche Studies
Freidrich Nietzsche Society
Ereignis Site: Heidegger
Jean-Paul Sartre: Philosophy and Existentialism
Paul Vincent Spade's Jean-Paul Sartre Page
The Cry: Existentialism

Philosophy of Human Nature
Exploring Plato's Dialogues
Last Days of Socrates
Rene Descartes and the Legacy of Mind/Body Dualism
Sigmund Freud on the Web
Freud and the Freud Archives
B.F. Skinner Foundation
George Orwell
George Orwell 1903-1950
Political Writingsof George Orwell
George Orwell Resources
Pirate Nietzsche Page

Introduction to Philosophy
Exploring Plato's Dialogues
Last Days of Socrates
Augustine of Hippo
Augustine Day by Day
St. Augustine of Hippo
St. Augustine
Rene Descartes      
Rene Descartes and the Legacy of Mind/Body Dualism
Taoism Information Page
Herbert Marcuse Archive
Noam Chomsky

Process Philosophy
Center for Process Studies
Society for the Study of Process Philosophy
Exploring Plato's Dialogues
Link to Plato's Work onthe Internet
Leibniz from the Metaphysics Research Lab
Leibniz - Universal Philosopher (loaded with links!)
Hegel Society of America
Marx Engels Internet Archive
William James
William James Society
Center for Dewey Studies
Henri Bergson
Alfred North Whitehead - Stanford Encyclopedia
Excerpts from Whitehead and Hartshorne

Philosophical Associations
American Philosophical Association
Society for Women in Philosophy
Radical Philosophy Association
Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy
Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World
Greater Philadelphia Philosophy Consortium


Philadelphia Museum of Art Homepage
Philadelphia Phillies
Philadelphia Flyers
Philadelphia 76ers
Kensington Welfare Rights Union
Philadelphia Museums
WXPN Public Radio from the University of Pennsylvania
WHYY Public Radio Philadelphia
Atlantic City                
Atlantic City on Line
Atlantic CityInformationGuide
Atlantic City Free Public LIbrary
Atlantic City Into the 21st Century
Official Website of the Atlantic CitySurf
The Press of Atlantic CityOnline

Other Interesting Sites                    
Z Magazine
New York Knicks

New York Liberty
New York Mets
Pacifica Radio
Vagrant Gaze
Alter Net
The Franklin Institute
The Museum of Modern Art
New York Public Radio
Press of Atlantic City
Kensington Welfare Rights Union
Deep Dish Television
Co-op America
American Association of University Women
Alternative Radio
Socialist Scholars
Rainforest Action Network
Michael Moore's Website

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