Authoritive scholarship in the study of Italian Renaissance Bookbinding has been done by Anthony Hobson. Accordingly, this work is indebted to his Apollo and Pegasus (1975) and Humanists and Bookbinders; the Origins and Diffusion of the Humanistic Bookbinding, 1459-1559 (1989), two name two of the most important works among many others. The significance of pioneering works by Tammaro De Marinis, Ilse Shunke and others should also be acknowledged. The methodology of this current work, however, breaks with traditional approaches to the study of bookbinding. I have examined the entire binding structure of a book--not simply the decorative tooling of the covers. For this more comprehesive approach I am indebted to Willman Spawn, Nicholas Pickwoad, and Christopher Clarkson.

Most scholars have tried to identify the output of a binding shop by comparing the use of decorative tools; Nicholas Pickwoad has suggested the usefulness of more detailed examinations:

Pickwoad, Spawn, Clarkson, and others have called for the careful examination (and preservation) of original bindings, stressing their significance as social artifacts.?? The study of Ms. Latin 13 described in these pages has not harmed the volume in any way. I have simply remarked on the evidence of structure that can been seen or, in some cases, felt.

Note? Nicholas Pickwoad, "Italian and French Sixteenth-Century Bookbindings," Gazette of the Grolier Club, New Series, 43 (1991), 58. Note?? See Christopher Clarkson, "The Conservation of Early Books in Codex Form: A Personal Approach: Part I." The Paper Conservator, Vol. 3 (1978), 33-50. The scholarship of Alphonse Dain, F. Masai, Leon M. J. Delaiss and Graham Pollard are mentioned by Clarkson as guiding influences in the study of "the archaeology of the book."

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