The Thomson family


The Author – Henry Maxwell Thomson (1870-89) – 15 at the beginning of this journal, he would die of consumption within three years.  Signs of the onset of this illness are evident in the journal. Lives in London, and has just finished at Merchant Taylors' School. He wants to be an artist, but is being pressured by family to join the Navy


Papa – Reverend Anthony Francis Thomson, for many years before his death, the chaplain of Dinard in France.  Born in 1821 and son of Anthony Todd Thomson and Katherine Byerley Thomson, he had died in the year prior to the writing of this journal at the age of 64. 


Mama – is in poor health throughout much of this year.  (more information to come)



The Siblings:


Tony – Captain Anthony Standidge Thomson (1851-1925).  Now 35, he is away during much of this year captaining a vessel laying telegraph cable on the ocean floor. 


Frank – Francis Byerley Thomson (1853-88).  33 years of age, he is working in Fiji as an overseer on a sugar plantation.


“Dedee” – Lydia Marion Thomson (1855-1933).  31 years old in 1886, she is staying with the family briefly at the beginning of the journal.


Eustace Norris Thomson (1857-60) – long dead, so unmentioned.


Grace – Grace Katherine Thomson (1860-1908) – 26 years old, she sends a present (?)


Gerard – Gerard Morin Thomson (1862-) – later marries Beatrice Shaw (children)


Ernest – Lieutenant Ernest Malcolm Thomson.  He is home on leave from his ship at the beginning of the journal, but rejoins his ship.


Noel – Noel Herford Thomson (1865-?) – Youngest child? Dates need verification.


Arthur – Arthur Victor Thomson (1868-1909) – close to the author in age, he worked with him on the Wee-Bits journal of sketches, and went to the same school – Merchant Taylors’.  Died of typhoid in Egypt after working as an agent for the Standard Life Assurance Company in Alexandria.


Henry (author)