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Paul Lyons, Ph.D. (Bryn Mawr College), Professor of Social Work:
Social welfare history and policy, community work, ethnic and minority relations, radical social work practice.
Patricia Reid-Merritt, D.S.W. (University of Pennsylvania), Professor of Social Work and Africana Studies:
Social work practice, social work with ethnic and minority relations, school social work, social policy, organizational policy, African-American perspectives on social work practice.

Diane Falk, M.S.W. (University of Pennsylvania), Ph.D. (Rutgers University), LCSW, Associate Professor of Social Work:
Social work practice, program development and administration, mental health practice and policy, human rights, international social work.

Lisa Cox, M.S.W. (Virginia Commonwealth University), Ph.D. (Virginia Commonwealth University),  LCSW, Associate Professor of Social Work, Program Coordinator:
Clinical social work practice, human behavior, HIV/AIDS, clinical trials research, medication compliance and social support, spirituality, program development in community and health settings, cultural diversity, and existentialism.

Merydawilda Colon, M.S.W. (Rutgers University), LSW, Assistant Professor of Social Work:
Social work practice, hospice(grief death and dying), HIV/AIDS, health care social work, Latinos and community outreach, social work with oppressed groups. 

Sharon Hines-Smith, M.S.W. (University of Chicago), Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania), Assistant Professor of Social Work, Field Coordinator:
Social work practice, aging, death/terminal illness, grandparents raising grandchildren, women as caregivers of elderly parents, mother-daughter relationships in African American families, end-of-life decision making in multicultural families.

Michael Cronin, M.S.S.W. (Columbia University), Ph.D. (Yeshiva University), Assistant Professor of Social Work:
International social work, health care and social policy, disaster mental health, cultural competence.

John Searight, M.S.W. (University of Pennsylvania), LCSW, Professor Emeritus of Social Work: 
 Social work practice, crisis intervention, individual and family counseling, protective services (child neglect and abuse).

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